Christmas … it’s just 3 months away.

Why does that make most people just groan and promptly put the whole thought somewhere in the back of their minds in an area labelled ‘Too hard to deal with right now.’ With the very best of intentions, people think that they will take that thought out somewhere down the track, but does it ever happen?
Instead of kicking Christmas down the road, the really organised ones don’t just shelve it for now, they actually do something about putting Christmas on the radar – or at least begin to think about it. Here are some things to get you rolling if you need so help:
• Make lists – for gifts you need to give, festive decorations, food and drink you need to have on hand, take and/or provide. Lists can give lots of comfort as it looks like you are doing something! Lists are also very good as it can focus the mind on the tasks that need to be done.
• If you are planning to take holidays over the Christmas season and want to get away, think about where, when and for how long you wish your holiday to be. This is the peak season and the best destinations and accommodation are always in demand.
• Beauty and personal care businesses tend to get really busy around Christmas. Book up any sort of appointments NOW, for whatever makes you feel amazing for the holiday season ie hairdressing, facial, waxing etc
• If you want to go the whole hog for Christmas and want the house painted, the garden landscaped, new curtains or carpet, think about getting it done NOW – or forget about it till next February.
• Start shopping now to avoid the mad rush and the disappointment of missing out of those items that sell out quickly.

If all of this sends you into a melt down and you need assistance, contact Quintillion we can help make your Christmas preparations less stressful 1300 014 400.

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