What does hiring a concierge look and feel like? How does it work and is it for me?

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a concierge used to be only attached to high end hotels and resorts. A concierge was there for the convenience of the guests. He or she assisted guests by making restaurant bookings, planning sightseeing trips, organising special occasion celebrations and generally ensuring that life was smooth running and the time at the resort or hotel was made the most of. As well, the hotel or resort concierge was often viewed as being only available at 5 star resorts or hotels.

Today, a personal concierge does exactly the same thing – not in a holiday setting, but in real everyday life. Furthermore, hiring a concierge is obtainable for everyone not just for the rich and famous. So, for those who have work and/or commitments where time is at a premium, a concierge can similarly assist in making the most of your time so that your personal and family life run smoothly. A concierge can help plan and run memorable celebrations such as anniversaries or special birthdays. A concierge can organise tradesmen, decorators, cleaners or babysitters. Just name what you want done and it will happen. A concierge is fantastic at arranging meals, laundry, gift shopping or getting other ‘to do’ jobs done and dusted. By being your ‘go to’ person, your concierge can allow you concentrate on what matters most in your life. It is like creating extra time in your day and week. It is like having your life organised. It is like having a constant, reliable source of help.

How many more hours would you like this week?

Quintillion Concierge is an Adelaide-based personal concierge and virtual assistance service. To find out how we can assist you visit quintillionconcierge.com.au or call 1300 014 400.

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