Can you remember when your life suddenly got so BUSY?

Was it when you moved out of home and found yourself with bills, housework and responsibilities? Maybe it was when you got your first big career break and found your social life competing with deadlines and targets? Perhaps you started a family and the career you handled with aplomb suddenly gave way to a finely-honed schedule of nap times and school runs, doctor’s appointments and meal planning. OR maybe, it was the collision of all of these things and the innate need to DO. IT. ALL.

Add to this the fact that we can never really unplug anymore.

To-do lists are multiplying – except now they’re not only scribbled into diaries or stuck on the fridge; they’re synched to every device with periodic ‘beep beep’ reminders to let you know there is always something MORE that needs to be done.

But, of course, we know we can can’t ‘do it all’ anymore. This is old news. Pick up any publication in any given week and there will be some celebrity proudly announcing that work-life balance is soooo last century.

Well, that’s great for them, but how do the rest of us win this battle of the balance?

We need to invest in our time.

‘Ha!’ we hear you say, ‘I don’t have any time!’.

But you do. You just need to buy it back.

Most of us will happily spend hundreds of dollars each month on coffee to keep us awake; massages and chiro to ease all those stress-induced aches; gym memberships we never use; wine to keep us sane!

Really sit down and think about how much you spend on things, just to get you through. Do you still end the day, or week, or month out of breath and with that never-ending to-do list?

Now, imagine if you could invest in time. Imagine if your own personal lifestyle assistant could take your to-do list and tick it off, while you are switching off.

What would you do with that time? Read a book? Catch up with a friend? Read to your child? Have a relaxed dinner with your partner? Laugh?

Now, wouldn’t that be worth the investment?

Quintillion Concierge is an Adelaide-based personal concierge and virtual assistance service. To find out how we can assist you visit or call 0455 300 636.

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