Day to day services

Grocery shopping

It’s a familiar story. No time for a proper grocery shop, so as the week goes on you find yourself eating out, ordering in, or not eating at all. This can be expensive and leave you neglecting your health, and certainly won’t have you performing at your best. Even online grocery ordering can take hours, and someone has to wait around for it to be delivered. Let Quintillion Concierge set your week up with well-planned grocery shopping. You set the budget and we do the work. We’ll do the shopping, deliver to your home and even put it away for you. We know the best producers in Adelaide (and regional South Australia) and will ensure you have the freshest produce in your fridge and pantry when you get home. You can be as specific as you like with your list, or let us make the choices for you.

Quintillion Concierge can cater for:

  • Nutritious food for children of all ages
  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and other allergy requirements
  • Cultural requirements

Payment of bills

Nothing derails success like a pile of unpaid bills. Even in this age of automation and email, bills and invoices can be overlooked and forgotten as quickly as they are received. This can lead to poor financial management, sleepless nights and quite simply, looks unprofessional. If your finances are at the bottom of your to-do list, let Quintillion Concierge take care of them for you. We can make sure your bills are paid at the time that works best for you and/or your business.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Manage creditors
  • Receive and manage bills
  • Create and coordinate personal and business budgets

Dry cleaning and repairs

How many times have you found yourself rushing to the dry cleaners on the eve of a big event? Do you have a stockpile of garments waiting to be cleaned or repaired? Simply getting your clothes to the cleaners can take time (that you don’t have to spare). Quintillion Concierge can collect your garments, have them cleaned and return them to your wardrobe – all while you are at work (or play!).

Like the sound of this? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and see how easy it is to get a few hours back in your week and start living the life you deserve.


Organising meals

A hectic life means neglecting one of the most important things you have – your health. Late nights at the office, a busy social calendar and family commitments can all mean meal planning goes out the window. This can lead to eating out, ordering in or skipping meals all together … and who has the time anymore to host friends for meals at home? If you want to take control of your day again, let Quintillion Concierge plan your meals.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Create weekly meal plans
  • Plan special event meals
  • Work to a set budget
  • Order and deliver ingredients
  • Arrange meal preparation

Organising maintenance services

Need to source an office cleaner? Garden overgrowing at home? Need a power point installed? How many of those ‘little’ jobs do you have hanging around your home or office just because you are too busy to call someone? Let Quintillion Concierge take your to-do list and start ticking it off.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Source once-off or ongoing services
  • Arrange office or home cleaning services
  • Arrange home or office repairs and maintenance
  • Book vehicle services
  • Check references and ensure quality-control
  • Coordinate trade access and supervision

Birthday and anniversary reminders

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal assistant to remind you when your wedding anniversary is approaching? Do you lose track of birthdays? A busy life means important dates are usually the first things to be forgotten.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Remind you of important dates
  • Arrange gifts
  • Coordinate diaries with family and staff
  • Manage restaurant and event bookings

Onsite or virtual administration

The Quintillion Concierge team are experts in corporate assistance and administration. Whether you require temporary assistance, ongoing administration duties or a remote assistant, we can help. Outsourcing administration is the perfect solution for small businesses that might not want to hire in-house; or for busy corporates who need a personal assistant out of the office.

Whatever your needs, Quintillion Concierge can assist.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Carry out administration duties in your office
  • Take on overflow administration duties externally to your deadline
  • Arrange temporary staff

Gift buying, wrapping and delivery

Do you find yourself buying gifts last-minute, or not at all, because you don’t have time. Being organised with gifts can ensure you get that special person something they will treasure and save you from breaking the budget on last-minute gifts. But planning ahead is easier said than done for most people. Quintillion Concierge can make sure your gifts are thoughtful, meet your budget and organised well ahead of time.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Source hard-to-find items
  • Arrange thank you and Christmas gifts for staff and clients
  • Shop for Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts for family
  • Shop to a specified list
  • Shop to a specified budget
  • Arrange gifts that can be posted
  • Arrange wrapping and delivery

Receipt of mail and parcels

Whether you’re a busy family or professional on the go, you can’t always be available to keep on top of mail delivery and parcel collection. Quintillion Concierge can ensure your mail and parcels are collected and/or received regularly, ensuring bills are paid on time and correspondence is actioned quickly. Quintillion Concierge conducts all tasks with the strictest of confidentiality.

Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Collect mail from post office boxes
  • Collect parcels
  • Arrange for mail collect when you are travelling
  • Open and file mail
  • Pay bills
  • Take care of event invitations, update diaries and attend to RSVPs