Special events services

Flowers for special occasions

Birthdays, weddings, engagements, babies, deaths and ill health … whatever the occasion, flowers are the simplest way to let someone know you are thinking of them. If you have Quintillion Concierge on board, we can ensure your family knows you love them and your business connections know you care. Whatever the budget, we will arrange the perfect arrangement. Simply call or email Quintillion Concierge and we will take care of the rest.

Event planning

Quintillion Concierge can take care of your corporate or personal event. From guest lists to infrastructure hire, theme design to clean-up crews, the Quintillion Concierge team are experts. We’ll take your brief, and spend our time sorting out the details. The list of possibilities is endless. Our services include:

  • In-office or home events
  • Venue hire
  • Event theme design
  • Sourcing infrastructure and decorations
  • Coordinating guest lists, invitations and RSVPs
  • Managing catering
  • Arranging guest speakers

Travel and holiday planning

Why should you have Quintillion Concierge manage your travel and holiday plans? Because we get to know you. Travel plans are personal and we take into consideration your busy schedule, personal preferences and annual calendar. We can ensure your business travel plans are seamless and your next holiday is exactly what you need. We can also make arrangements for your visitors. We’ll do the organising, so you can focus on work (or play!).

Quintillion Concierge can organise:

  • Personal travel
  • Family holidays
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Car parking
  • Airport transport
  • Passports, visas and vaccinations
  • Meals, entertainment, spa bookings and gym locations
  • Local guides

Personal wardrobe shopping

Some people love shopping, some people loathe it, the rest of us simply don’t have the time. If your wardrobe needs attention but you don’t have the time to deal with it, then Quintillion Concierge has you covered. Know what you need? Great, we can take your list and carry it out. Not sure where to start? Even better, we can plan your clothes shopping for a special occasion, work or casual events and even arrange personal styling sessions to ensure you always look your best. Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Carry out personal clothes shopping
  • Arrange personal styling sessions
  • Special-occasion outfits
  • Uniform shopping
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
  • Organise delivery
  • Attend to dry cleaning, alterations and tailoring

Hair and beauty bookings

Performing at your best is easier when you feel your best. If you work long hours, are frequently travelling or are just busy in general, then you probably don’t have time to make hair and beauty appointments. Looking and feeling your best will help you perform at your best. How often have you been left calling around to find any available appointment at a time that isn’t convenient to you because you haven’t booked ahead?

Quintillion Concierge can schedule your bookings, securing your appointments with the best in the industry, and at times that suit your busy lifestyle. You’ll be surprised how much time it can save you, and you’ll never miss out on an appointment again.

Like the sound of this? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and see how easy it is to get a few hours back in your week and start living the life you deserve.

Spa treatment bookings

A day at the spa might sound like a luxury afforded to those with time on their hands. But when you enlist the services of Quintillion Concierge, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your time will be freed up to invest in YOU. Spa treatments aren’t frivolous luxuries, they are a chance to unwind, de-stress and refresh your mind and body.

Let us find the exact service that will suit your needs and desires. Whether it be a facial, massage, mani + pedi, group appointment, individual relaxation session, or something else – we know the best in the business and can make your booking today.

Restaurant reservations

Concierges are famed for their ability to secure a seat at restaurants that are normally booked out months in advance. We know the hottest places to eat and we have the relationships to make sure you can get a table. We are experts in selecting the right restaurant for your company, whether it’s a business dinner or romantic rendezvous. Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Access exclusive access to the best venues
  • Secure single, couple or group bookings
  • Suggest restaurants and cafes
  • Arrange private dining options
  • Ensure dietary requirements are met
  • Arrange booking reminders for you
  • Organise transport (including group luxury vehicles)

Concert, event and theatre tickets

Booking tickets to see a concert or theatre performance might not sound like something you would outsource, but when you enlist the services of Quintillion Concierge, we’ll get all the best tickets to the shows you don’t even know you’re missing out on. We’ll let you know the best performances, events and exhibitions happening in Adelaide and greater South Australia and do the booking for you. Cater to your clients and impress your family with the best seats in town. Quintillion Concierge can:

  • Arrange tickets to concerts, theatre performances, VIP events, exhibition openings
  • Cater to your personal tastes
  • Advise you when tickets become available
  • Organise transport